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John & late Nora Geen
Club Caller
618 Locust St.
San Angelo, Tx 76901

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About us

John and Nora Geen were introduced to modern western square dancing in the fall of 1978 when they relocated to San Angelo, Texas. John decided to take caller instruction in 1991 with a group led by, the now late, Arnie Wariner. John made his first professional appearance as a caller in 1992, has called in San Angelo, as guest caller throughout west Texas, at state, and national conventions.

John and Nora established their first square dance club in 1993 called the Star Promenaders. The Geen’s chartered and funded a corporation called Promenade Square, Inc. in 1997. The corporation built Promenade Square, a hall which was the home of their club for seven years. When Promenade Square, Inc. sold the building in 2004, the club became inactive. John and Nora took a short sabbatical from square dancing.

In January 2007, John and Nora decided it was time to start square dancing again. The club was reactivated under the name of Promenade Squares, rented a clubhouse, and started to build the club with lessons. After two classes graduated the club found an abandoned Boy Scouts of America camp building. In 2007 Promenade Square, Inc. purchased the building. After some remodeling, the club opened the doors to their new home in February 2008.

The club house is located at 618 Locust Street on a half acre, cradled in the bend of the quiet Concho River. Just off the crossroads of US-67 and US-87 in San Angelo. John is the Club Caller and Nora is the Club Hostess.

We invite you to browse through our site and learn a little about Promenade Squares. The Best Square Dancing in San Angelo, Texas. We are a warm, friendly, wonderful and fun loving group.

Dances are held first and third Thursday evening, 7:00 to 9:00 PM in our own recently remodeled building.


The Promenade Squares is not hosting their annual introduction to square dancing and square dance lessons this year 2021.
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