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Square Dancing in San Angelo, Texas

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Caller and taw

John and Nora Geen


Updated 10 January, 2016

Alston, WynnNally, Elsie
Benton, Mike & MickiOleson, Gene & Sheila
Cain, PatricaPorter, Dixie
Favre, RayRoberts, Brownie
Fred, Frank & DebraShank, Casandra
Geen, JohnStovall, Bill
Harris, Jack & JoletaThiers, Wes & Karen
Horton, Charles & LydiaWilkins, Jerry
Huffman, David & DeniseWirth, Linda
Jarvis, TinaWilliams, Cathy
Johnson, Marilda 
Lanty, Mickey & Rosalie 
Millspaugh, Charlie & Ruth 
Murphy, Bill 

Friends of Promenade Squares:

Wolfe, Ernie & SallyMorgan, DorthyKennedy, Randy


Phil & Sharon OlsonBill & Judy Williamson 
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Frequent Guests

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State Fair of Texas, dance 1

State Fair of Texas, dance 2

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