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8 Dec 2019

A fine group of dancers enjoyed some Christmas singing calls and dined on steamy stew at the Thursday dance. Frank Fred came to town and spent the evening with us and the ladies put on a great Cotton Eye Joe exhibition.

There is but one Birthday to celebrate in December – Karen Thiers!

We are on count-down to the New Year's Dance –with only two left and another precious year will have passed.

This -n- That

Many members attended the pancake breakfast at the stables yesterday then at 1:00 p.m. we did our annual Christmas show at the number one barracks hall at Old Fort Concho. There was a great crowd of spectators and yes, we put on a good show for them. After the show we dined on Mexican as Los Panchito's.


Dance Schedule

Schedule for December 2019
12Birthday Dance
23New Years Dance
Schedule for January 20290
16Birthday Dance
Schedule for February 2020
13Birthday Dance
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Class Schedule

Open House dance -- September 10, 2019
Weekly Classes -- Start September 17, 2019, and each Tuesday thereafter. Call 325-944-1439 for more information.
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