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17 Nov 2019

We had light attendance at the Thursday dance. We celebrated one birthday but enjoyed an evening of dance and socializing. One visitor dropped in to see just what we did here and stayed for the evening. We did, in fact, place her in a "party square" and she did well. I suspect she will return for lessons.

This coming Thursday we will have some Ukrainian borsch for our social break. It somehow seems appropriate for the times! Hope all can come and enjoy!

This -n- That

Regrettably, the Wednesday entertainment at St. Johns Rehab Center is canceled for lack of available dancers.

Speaking of entertainment, we are, once more, invited to perform at the Christmas at Fort Concho on December 7th, 1:00 p.m. and were offered an afternoon appearance at Heritage park during the pre-Christmas Season. Date to be established. You may recall that Heritage Park is where the late Nora Geen's memorial is in place.


Dance Schedule

Schedule for August 2019
Aug 1Mainstream / Plus
Aug 15Birthday Dance
Aug 22Mainstream/Plus
Aug 29Mainstream/Plus
Schedule for September 2019
Sep 5Mainstream/Plus
Sep 10Open House
Sep 12Birthday Dance
Sep 19Mainstream/Plus
Sep 28Mainsteram Plus
Schedule for October 2019
Oct 3Mainstream/Plus
Oct 10Birthday Dance
Oct 17Mainstream/Plus
Oct 21Mainstream/Plus
Oct 31Mainstream/Plus
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Class Schedule

Open House dance -- September 10, 2019
Weekly Classes -- Start September 17, 2019, and each Tuesday thereafter. Call 325-944-1439 for more information.
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