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18 Aug 2019

Thursday was a fun evening of good fellowship, good food and good dancing. We introduced some of our dancers to the star the rout routine, another old chestnut of classic chorography that is pretty to watch and do.

We had a square of San Angelo dancers in Tye last evening to help Tracy Dowell celebrate 40 years of calling. We enjoyed!

This -n- That

Our square dance column appeared in the GO section of the Standard-Times on Friday. The heading was, "Looking for a hobby? How about square dancing!" Editors did the title – I could not have said it better myself.

Our first media lessons recruiting will be on Wednesday, KCSA 97.1 (FM) Radio at 12:00 noon. It is a half hour talk-show exposure with Kathy Whitworth.

I have sent each member an opportunity to identify prospective dancers to which l will send an invitation for lessons and club information. Still await some input.


Dance Schedule

Schedule for August 2019
Aug 1Mainstream / Plus
Aug 15Birthday Dance
Aug 22Mainstream/Plus
Aug 29Mainstream/Plus
Schedule for September 2019
Sep 5Mainstream/Plus
Sep 10Open House
Sep 12Birthday Dance
Sep 19Mainstream/Plus
Sep 28Mainsteram Plus
Schedule for October 2019
Oct 3Mainstream/Plus
Oct 10Birthday Dance
Oct 17Mainstream/Plus
Oct 21Mainstream/Plus
Oct 31Mainstream/Plus
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Class Schedule

Open House dance -- September 10, 2019
Weekly Classes -- Start September 17, 2019, and each Tuesday thereafter. Call 325-944-1439 for more information.
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