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20 Jan 2019

Thursdays was a fun night of easy dancing and pleasant socializing. The floor was well populated as Carol Wilson reintroduced us to the Achy Breaky Heart line dance. I'm sure we will see more of it in the future.

Thursday let us acknowledge the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns by wearing our brightest tartans (plaids) for some color. I promise no haggis nor will single malt scotch be made available for your appreciation and comfort!

Come have fun!

This 'n' that

Our lessons will continue on Tuesday as we master the mainstream list of calls.

Linda Maynard has undergone back surgery and doing fine. She has left the Shannon Hospital for the comforts of home.

Looking ahead to the Winterfest in Ozona on Saturday. We, the Permian Association, are hosting the annual State Federation officer's visitation. As a member of the Permian association we are helping with the refreshments. If you have any questions – feel free to call!


In Our Prayers:


The less you respond to rude, critical, argumentative people, the less joyful they are.
-Charles Schultz

Dance Schedule

Schedule for January 2019
Jan 3Mainstream / Plus
Jan 10Birthdays
Jan 17Mainstream / Plus
Jan 24Mainstream / Plus
Jan 31Mainstream / Plus
Schedule for February 2019
Feb 7Mainstream / Plus
Feb 14Birthdays
Feb 21Mainstream / Plus
Feb 28Mainstream / Plus
Schedule for March 2019
Mar 7Mainstream / Plus
Mar 14Birthdays
Mar 21Mainstream / Plus
mar 28Mainstream / Plus
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Class Schedule

Open House dance -- September 10, 2019
Weekly Classes -- Start September 17, 2019, and each Tuesday thereafter. Call 325-944-1439 for more information.
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