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29 Nov 2020

I spent a quiet Thanksgiving at home. I gave thanks that I have a home. I gave thanks for having someone to cook and care for me, and do my ironing. I gave thanks that I now live in a country that permitted me to work, play, prosper, and to live in a nation under God. I gave thanks for the many friends I have come to know, care for, and respect. I gave thanks that never in my life have I run out of food, shelter, or toilet paper. No matter what the future brings, I remember that I came into this world during the greatest depression ever, and lived to experience the most privileged times in the most prosperous nation the world has known.

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Dance Schedule

Schedule for remainder of 2020
 All dances canceled until furhter notice.
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Class Schedule

Open House dance -- September 10, 2019
Weekly Classes -- Start September 17, 2019, and each Tuesday thereafter. Call 325-944-1439 for more information.
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